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Avoiding Foreclosure in Springfield is possible. But, we have to move quickly.

We work with the bank directly.
We take over payments. 
We take over all maintenance.

We have a proven track record of helping folks avoid foreclosure finalization here in Springfield. My team is local and works ethically and privately to help you escape the burden of the home. 

My team moves quickly to get the responsibility off of your plate as soon as possible. 

We'll take on the house in any condition. You do NOT need to do the repairs.

Life happens, we get it. Whether it's just too much house now, or medical issues came up, or your job situation changed, or divorce, or ... or ... or. Whatever it is, we can help you through it.

All you need to do to get started is fill out this short form and I'll hop on the phone with you asap...

Need Financial Relief Soon?
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You don't have to let the slipping mortgage kill your credit.

Here's what the Parrishes said about our help...


"Scott's assistance relieved us from a lot of stress and worries from our financial responsibilities. He saved us from foreclosure. Thank you for all your help, Scott. Wonderful to do business with you." 

- John & Colleen Parrish,
Springfield MO homeowners
that were facing foreclosure

The Parrishes were in a pickle and about to lose their home to foreclosure. We worked with them and with the bank to fend off foreclosure and catch them up, which set them up to recover financially on their own terms.

Ready to stop getting bank mail?

We are experienced real estate investors in Springfield, Missouri and specialize in off-market properties.

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