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SwBratcher Properties

SwBratcher is the primary operating company for Scott Bratcher and ventures. SwBratcher Properties is the SwBratcher focus on Springfield revitalization through property rehab and improvements as rentals and family homes and for assisting homeowners with property troubles to be solved. My team is small, nimble and skilled. Springfield, Missouri real estate investing teams can vouch for our ethical and service oriented approach to doing business and deals. We love Springfield and make sure every deal improves our town somehow.

We help homeowners out of all kinds of situations (divorce, foreclosure, bankruptcy, landlord retirement, etc.) by making FAST & FAIR cash offers or contracting creative property solutions.

When you need to sell NOW, you don't have time to wait for a realtor to list your house and wait (on average) three months to even get an offer... and then take a portion of your money when the house finally sells. 

After a single conversation I can give you a cash offer or suggested solution and won't charge any fees or commissions.

We're right here in Springfield.

We are experienced real estate investors in Springfield, Missouri and specialize in off-market properties.

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