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Your needs determine where we land.
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With OUR money and OUR time, we'll take on that house in any condition. You do NO repairs.

What about agent's fees, commissions, or closing costs? You DO NOT pay them.

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Giving Springfield Homeowners That Need To Sell Fast A Better Way Out

Here's what sellers are saying...


"Scott's assistance relieved us from a lot of stress and worries from our financial responsibilities. He saved us from foreclosure. Thank you for all your help, Scott. Wonderful to do business with you." 

- John & Colleen Parrish, Homeowners

The Parrishes were in a pickle and about to lose their home. We worked with them with the bank to fend off foreclosure and catch them up, which set them up to recover financially.


"You are a good business man." 

- Brenda Blades, Retiring Investor

Brenda liquidated her inventory of rental properties and worked with us on a particular one that wasn't bringing offers of what she needed to get clear of her high note with the deferred maintenance. We worked together quite well to take over the work on this property, which freed her of dealing with it. We asked for a testimonial, but the above was all she provided. Short and sweet, I suppose.



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Cash is fast, but sometimes we can get creative to get you more in the long run. Be sure we discuss your goal before we get you an offer.

Thinking About Selling Your House The Traditional Way?


We are experienced real estate investors in Springfield, Missouri and specialize in off-market properties.

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